To: Your Family
From: E&G Quality Cleaning Services Family

COVID-19 Update

E&G Quality Cleaning Services is closely monitoring COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its impact in our community, state and country. Unfortunately, we cannot control the severity or unpredictability of this virus.
As a company our commitment is:

“The health and safety of our customers and team members all the time”

To achieve that commitment:

1- We always follow the guidance set forth by the U.S. Federal Government, Centers for
Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies.

2- We always clean and properly disinfect your entire home with every visit, using a
virucide environmentally friendly product.

3- We always clean and disinfect our equipment after every use, every day.

4- We always use a different towel, each having its own purpose. We never cross
contaminate any surface. (Ex. towels to clean bathrooms are never used in kitchens or
hand washing sinks.)

5- We always hold our team accountable for their personal hygiene, health and
cleanliness. If a team member is sick, they are not allowed to work.

6- We are currently working with protective gear. (Mask & Shoes Covers) PPE



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